IT Program Specialist

Hawaii Primary Care Association

The IT Program Specialist facilitates the Health IT projects for the Hawaii Health Center Controlled Network (HiHCCN) program. They also provide IT support to HPCA staff and are the liaison between the contracted Network Systems Administrator.

Essential Duties:

Under the direction of the HiHCCN Director:

  1. Implements day to day program activities and works closely with team in fulfilling the HiHCCN strategies and activities. 
  2. Provides programmatic and technical support for the HiHCCN grant including, but not limited to, planning and implementing grant strategies and activities, providing training and technical assistance, coordinating related activities, and monitoring progress.
  3. Develops reports, presentations, and graphs for presentation of data and other information to technical and lay audiences to facilitate implementation of Quality Initiatives.
  4. Assists health centers with EHR Optimization and Population Management tools.
  5. Facilitates peer learning networks.
  6. Assists the HiHCCN Director monitor contracts to ensure HiHCCN activities are carried out.
  7. Collaborates with other TTA members for training and technical assistance and assists other HPCA teams as needed.
  8. Effectively represents HPCA in a wide variety of settings
  9. Other duties as assigned.

Under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer:

  1. Provides user support (helpdesk) and resolution of technical problems to HPCA staff.
  2. On an as needed basis, provides technical assistance to HPCA staff in the design, development, and on-going technical operations of their programs and projects.
  3. Coordinates with contracted Network Systems Administrator.
  4. Assists in coordinating special projects with HPCA staff.
  5. Assumes the role of Security Officer for HPCA.


Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university experience in information technology related field. Three years of experience working in a health information technology field may be substituted for degree.


  1. At least two years’ experience in public health, health promotion or program coordination.
  2. Two years’ experience working in a team environment.


Interested applicants may send a cover letter and resume to IT Program Specialist