Chief Executive Officer

Waikiki Health

Waikiki Health is recruiting for a full-time Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO is responsible for the overall operations of the health centers and social services programs, the creation and/or application of policies, providing support to the Board of Directors, and providing liaison between the Board and the Staff.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Graduate from an accredited college or university with courses in health care delivery and business administration; Master’s degree preferred.

  • Minimum five years of experience in senior leadership capacity with community health centers, hospitals or other health care facilities

  • Possesses considerable initiative and judgment in formulating policies, planning and analyzing health care activities, and selecting personnel

  • Ability to analyze operations to revise them more efficiently

  • Demonstrates a positive management style

  • Ability to work effectively with other medical staff, patients and subordinates

  • Ability to meet and communicate effectively with Federal, State and local officials

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The CEO assures compliance with all legal and policy requirements of HRSA and with other legal federal and state entities. Ensures that risk management, HIPAA, safety, and quality initiatives are developed, monitored and adhered to.

  • Communicates with board, operationalizes Board policies, prepares activity reports and works with Chief Financial Officer to prepare financial reports for monthly meetings of Board of Directors. Assists with interpretation of Federal, state and local rules and regulations.

  • Allocates resources and operates within available resources.

  1. Reviews and approves required grant applications and budgets to ensure sound financial management and an optimum efficiency of operations.

  2. Ensures diligent monitoring of all financial activity through the use of a system of responsible accounting methodologies, including budget and internal controls, and an annual independent audit.

  3. Identifies and resolves problems and respond to opportunities.

  • Manages personnel and systems.

  1. Is familiar with the job descriptions of all CHC health care personnel.

  2. Determines personnel requirements and insures that properly qualified individuals occupy each position. Approves of hires/fires all CHC personnel

  3. Reviews and gives performance evaluation of senior leadership, sets salary levels and provides consultation regarding personnel problems beyond the responsibility of supervisory staff.

  • Maintains prescribed security controls to protect the center against criminal and fraudulent acts.

This overview is not a complete job description. Further details may be discussed during the interview process.

Waikiki Health provides a comprehensive set of benefits to our employees, including 100% premium paid employee health care, voluntary life insurance, generous retirement employer matching, paid holidays, paid time off, and more. We are currently looking for a compassionate and team-oriented individual to join our organization. If you are interested in improving health and quality of life for all in our island community, please send cover letter and resume to .