Like community health centers across the country, Hawai‘i’s CHCs have been at the forefront of implementing health information systems – also called electronic medical records – to better manage their patients’ health care needs. Having instant access to patient data allows all members of the health care team to better coordinate care for the best health outcomes.


By using these leading edge tools CHCs have developed the expertise to effectively manage and improve the care for patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes, asthma, depression, and heart disease. Their prowess at innovation is recognized nationally for improving quality and patient outcomes while reducing overall costs.



Community Health Centers are non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the communities they operate in. As such, health centers are governed by a board of directors, the majority of which are patients who use its services.


In this way, members of the community have direct input into the development of their health center. The people who live and work in the community help insure that the health center is responsive to their unique needs. As a result, Community Health Centers are trusted stewards of their communities, helping provide needed health care services, education, nutrition, training, and good jobs.