HPCA - Hawaii Primary Care Association

Lanai Community Health Center


Diana Shaw

Executive Director


Joe Humphry, M.D.

Medical Director






Established in 2008, the Lana‘i Community Health Center (LCHC) already provides services to nearly a quarter of the island’s residents. As island residents have had to cope with the transition of the local economy from a primarily agricultural focus to one dominated by tourism via the two principal resorts on Lana‘i, the underserved population has grown. The health center provides care for nearly 50% of Lana‘i's population.



LCHC provides primary medical care, dental care, behavioral health services, and perinatal, family planning, nutrition, and preventive and health education. 


Special Populations/Health Issues

Elderly plantation retirees; geographically remote communities.  Teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and mental illness are serious concerns.  Residents of the island have had to cope with a major shift in their employment base, and the resultant social problems associated with transformation to a service-based industry, including crime, alcohol abuse, and teen pregnancy. 


Patient Profile for 2014

  • Ethnic groups served: Asian (34%), Caucasian (15%), Native Hawaiian (3%), Other Pacific Islander (8%)
  • Medical Patients: 1,402
  • Patient Encounters: 5,533
  • Female: 57%
  • Uninsured: 13%
  • Medicaid: 21%
  • Medicare: 10%
  • Patients best served in a language other than English: 8%
  • Patients with an income less than 200% of Federal Povery Level (FPL): 33%
  • Homeless Patients: 1



LCHC employs nurse practitioners, nurses, and case managers. 


Federal Funding 

Lana‘i Community Health Center is the grantee or subcontractor for:

  • 330(e) Grantee


Federal Designations

  • MUP