HPCA - Hawaii Primary Care Association

Tobacco Cessation

Primary Care Tobacco Cessation Network

Tobacco Cessation Providers & Websites for Patient Support



Castle Medical Center

Classes in addiction and stress, such as Breath Free, with individualized counseling and weight management.


Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawai‘i

The only independent organization in Hawai’i dedicated to reducing tobacco use through education, policy and advocacy.


Hawai‘i Tobacco Quite Line

FREE, confidential and convenient telephone service for anyone who wants to quit smoking.


Tobacco Prevention Program

State program to help people quit using tobacco.


Ready, Set, Quit Program

Most HMSA members (excludes 65-C+, Children’s Plan, and QUEST-Net) are eligible for this program.


Kick The Nic

Big Island-based organization that supports tobacco cessation.


Hawaiians Against Big Industry Tobacco (HABIT)

Tobacco initiative led by the Imi Hale Native Hawaiian Cancer Network


The Real Message

REAL is about empowerment, change, and a healthy, smoke-free generation



National Quitline



American Heart Association

American Lung Association

The Scoop on Smoking


Tobacco Control Support Organizations

Hawai‘i State Department of Health Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP)



American Legacy Foundation

The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Multi-State Collaborative for Health System Change

Cancer Control PLANET

The National Tobacco Cessation Collaborative (NTCC)

Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network

The Youth Tobacco Cessation Collaborative


Tobacco Cessation Staff Training Resources


American Lung Association Hawai‘i

Hawai‘i State Department of Health Tobacco Prevention and Education Program



Bring Everyone Along Resource Guide Supplement

Mayo Clinic Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification

Smokeless Tobacco Slideshow 

Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network Online CME Course

UMASS Center for Tobacco Treatment Research and Training

University of Arizona Healthcare Partnership Continuing Education Programs


Patient Education Materials

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

Spit Tobacco: A Guide for Quitting



Materials created by the National Cancer Institute, University of Rochester, University of Southern Florida (Clearing the Air, Clear Horizons, Forever Free, Forever Free Baby and Me)


American Cancer Society

Guide to Quit Smoking


Imi Hale Native Hawaiian Cancer Network

Native Hawaiian Cancer Awareness Series


HPCA Training Modules

Module 1 – Clinical Practice Guidelines

Module 1  - Pretest 

Module 2 – Pharmacotherapy

Module 2 – Pretest 

Module 3 – Cessation During Pregnancy

Module 3 – Pretest

Module 4 – Chronic Disease

Module 4 – Pretest 

Module 5 – Treatment of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Comorbodity

Module 5 – Pretest

Glossary of Terms and Additional Resources


Essential Reference Documents

American Legacy Foundation

Centers for Disease Control Office on Smoking and Health

Hawai‘i State Department of Health Tobacco Prevention and Education Program

HR1256 The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

Tobacco Prevention Networks

US Public Health Service Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Surgeon General’s Report on The Health Consequences of Smoking

Bibliography of Essential Tobacco Control Documents


Online Tobacco Cessation Courses (Continuing Education)

NTCC Healthcare Provider Microsite

2 A and R Training

Tobacco Cessation Continuing Education for Healthcare Providers & Counselors

CME/CEU Online Courses

Basic Behavioral Tobacco Interventions

Tobacco Cessation Counseling Techniques

Pharmacotherapy of Tobacco Cessation

Five Cases: Basic Tobacco Cessation Interventions

Cases Not Ready to Quit Smoking

Motivational Interviewing for Primary Care

Become a Tobacco Aware Practice: Organizational and Team-Base Approach

Team Approach to Tobacco Cessation


Tobacco Cessation Activities and Training

Tobacco Free Hawai‘i Events Calendar

Clear The Smoke Hawai‘i Calendar